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This exhibition includes select works from a 30-year journey — Sharon Kopriva’s search for personal spirituality — from her religious upbringing, rooted in a Catholic school education, to an “off-road” adventure into the spiritual aspects of the natural world, overgrowing and encroaching on Gothic architecture.

Gothic Green Member Preview at The Nave:

Artists’ website:

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Día de los Muertos Exhibit & Retablo Silent Auction | October 2 – November 1, 2014





Practiced for at least 3,000 years as far back as the Aztecs, the Day of the Dead is a joyous, sometimes macabre celebration of life, honoring loved ones who have passed on.

The Nave Museum’s “Día de los Muertos” exhibit will be held this year from October 2 – November 1, 2014. The exhibit features  richly detailed, lovingly crafted Day of the Dead Altars created by local artists and families, as well as the works of local Manhattan Art Program students.  Altars include photos, brilliant flowers, art work, and often the honored person’s favorite food.

For the 4th year there will also a Retablo Silent Auction with over 50 original works of art available to be bid on with proceeds helping to accomplish our mission of “reaching out to enrich, enlighten and educate through visual and cultural art”.

In past years The Nave’s Dia de los Muertos exhibit would open with the Dia de Los Muertos Festival but this year the festival will be the closing of the exhibit held November 1, 2014 from 11:30am – 5:00pm.

The Festival will begin with a somber March of Remembrance from St. Mary’s church (Church & Main Streets) to the Nave Museum (Moody & Commercial Streets). All are invited to join with marchers, many of whom who will carry pictures of their deceased loved ones. Then festivities will commence with a sometimes macabre, always loving celebration of life on the grounds of The Nave Museum. Activities include children’s arts and crafts hosted by the Museum of the Coastal Bend, Manhattan Art Program and the Victoria Public Library, food vendors, face painting, live music, performances by ballet folklorico and a Mercado.

An added feature this year is a temporary graffiti wall created by SprATX members of Austin, TX, Roshi K and Man with Pencil. This large scale work of art that will be on display on The Nave grounds all month. The design includes a girl in sugar skull make-up and three brightly colored skulls. Rosh K says “The girl represents the living and the skulls represent the deceased and her balancing them represents the connection between the two that happens at this time of year.”   During the festival children will be invited to participate in adding some art to the graffiti wall with the help of local artists.

For more information call 361-575-8227, email


Felecia Vela, Creative Manager,, 361-575-8227


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Conversations: Carlos Donjuan & Marilyn Jolly | July 17 – August 31

Carlos Donjuan’s current body of work relates to the idea of illegal aliens. As a kid, Donjuan recalls hearing the term frequently, but never fully understood its’ meaning. He states, “I always wondered what everyone was talking about, imaging weird creatures in my head…I wanted to meet one and to know what they looked like.” As Donjuan grew older, he discovered that some condemned him due to his background, a realization he describes as heartbreaking. He comments, “I wasn’t much different from everyone else except for the fact that I was born on the other side of the border.”

As an artist, Carlos now utilizes the negativity he encountered to fuel his work. He revisits his childhood curiosity: what do illegal aliens look like? He interprets these childhood memories in his paintings, creating masked figures, hybrid animal people, pyramids and blob creatures—representations of immigrants who journey to a better life.

I feel a strong connection to the Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi, sometimes described as an appreciation of beauty that is imperfect, impermanent and incomplete and is often centered on the idea of transience. Fragility, directness, repetition, imperfection, process and time, observation of the natural world and of my thoughts are some of the influences on my work.
I am aware of patterns and repetitions in activity or design or process or seasons. Sometimes I have clarity of intention immediately upon first seeing a thing or working through an idea for a painting. At other times, objects and images are held in a suspended state in my studio until the right moment of clarity. Many of the objects I collect come with their own history/patina and suggest obvious references that become more complex when used in another context. I work both in painting and sculptural objects and see them in conjunction with each other in expressing my thinking.
My aim is to be able to transcribe my thoughts into abstract imagery that evokes my thinking while leaving room for interpretation. I want to be able to find the heart of the thing and describe it in simple, yet evocative ways. I want to find myself in the give and take of building and editing an object that responds to my ritual of creative play.

“Our artistic relationship has developed over a number of years as well as our sharing of creative ideas and collaboration. We have exhibited our work together in the past and continue our ongoing conversation about art. Carlos was my student at the University of Texas at Arlington while he completed his BFA. We share a love of form and a strong design sense that comes through our work, and our color palette is often in sync even though our backgrounds are very different and our work reflects our personal histories.” – Marilyn Jolly


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Looking for some summer fun?




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Irv Tepper: Texas Art Cars & Friends Rendezvous in Victoria | May 17 – June 29

The works in this exhibition are a selection of photos from previous Art Car parades in Victoria, TX.

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Art Car Parade & Festival | Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Nave will kick off the festivities May 17th with its 3rd annual Art Car Parade through downtown Victoria and ending at The Nave. This a FREE event for the entire family.

Ann Harithas, event curator and board member of The Nave, has been a judge at the annual Orange Show Houston Art Car Parade for 25 years and is also founder of the Art Car Museum in Houston. For the fourth year in Victoria, Harithas will organize award-winning art cars from noted art car artists for display on Commercial Street in front of The Nave, along with a new exhibition by Irvin Tepper on view inside the museum.

Check out the Art Car 2014 Commercial

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Ride: New Works by Amber Eagle | March 7 – May 4, 2014

The Nave Museum will be exhibiting Ride: New Works by Amber Eagle. Amber Eagle is an internationally exhibited artist who works in many different media and is well known for her exquisitely crafted award-winning art cars.

Ride is inspired by ancient aliens and outer space as well as the ancient and baroque culture of Mexico where Eagle lives. The ancient alien is used a metaphor for the stranger in everyone, as well as illegal aliens; and outer space as a metaphor for our mysterious inner space.

The exhibit features the worldwide premier of her new art car “Rosebud” and a series of work she has created while making the car. The car arrives in Victoria for the March 6th opening, having travelled the route of many alien crossings from central Mexico. Eagle’s exhibit reflects a collaboration with many Mexican craftspeople including her husband Guillermo Rosas and his wrought iron workshop, as well as mechanics, carpenters, electricians and seamstresses.

Amber Eagle will be present March 6, 2014 from 6 – 8 p.m. at The Nave Museum for our Member Preview. Nowhere but The Nave do Members have the exclusive opportunity to meet and mingle with the Artists, Collectors and Curators responsible for our exhibits. Anyone interested in becoming a Member can contact The Nave office by calling 361-575-8227, emailing or simply join at the door on March 6. We look forward to seeing you!

The Nave Museum is located at 306 W. Commercial in Victoria, TX and is open to the public 12-4pm Tues through Sun and 12-7pm Thursday. Admission is Pay What You Want. Enjoy the exhibit and decide what you would like to give to support our mission.

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Polo at McFaddin























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Eye to Eye: Regional Portraits of Pioneers, Founders, Leaders, Citizens, Movers and Shakers | January 16 – February 23, 2014

Along with “The Cattle Baron’s Daughter and the Artists Who Loved Her” and “Art on The Hoof,” “Eye to Eye” is the third in a series of exhibits at The Nave showcasing regional history through art. Portraits in this exhibit cover a range of styles and techniques, as well as providing windows to the past.  What do you see when you stand “eye to eye” with these portraits?  Steely resolve?  Feminine beauty?  Traits of character?  You will certainly come face to face with familiar images.  Finally, you can judge for yourself how accurately or convincingly the artist has captured the individual.  A fair likeness?  Well, that is in the eye of the beholder.

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